Saturday, May 16, 2009

Up and down

So we seen a huge improvement the first day Lil man was on his knew meds.  He did not defy one time.  Unfortunately  that all came to an end of Friday when I got a phone call from the daycare telling me I needed to come and clam my out of control child down.

As soon as I walked into the class room, and gave Lil man the look he quickly clamed down.  They told me I did not have to take him home, but I decided too anyway. 

We ventured to the pool, where Lil man had a grand time.

One of the meds that we stopped was adderall, and he has been bouncing off the walls.  Last night he was so hyper I was  physically and mentally tired from  trying to keep up with him.

I was hopefully we would have him on the right combo of meds, before we head out of town next week.  We've got an 8 hour car ride ahead of us. Thank god for the portable DVD player.

Valium anyone?

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