Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting bigger


Lil Man is almost 40lbs, which means he is about to outgrow the 5pt harness on his carseat.  He is no where near ready to ride in a seat belt.  I can see it now, me flying down the dirt road highway, with Lil man bouncing around the back seat.  NOT a good idea.

I decided to purchase him the Graco-Nautilus car seat, because the harness goes up to 65lbs.  It is $149.99 at  Today I ventured over to our local Wal-mart, in hopes of picking one up before our trip next week.  It is priced at $189.99, and they do not match prices from their own website? Does that makes sense?

So I can purchase it at and have it shipped for .99 cents. or I can even have it shipped to my local Walmart store for free.  I dont understand Walmarts logic.

I found it cheaper else where, so Wal-mart just lost out on my business!


  1. What about a simple booster seat? My boys were just a little but bigger than him when we got them and just needed a $20 booster. It had cup holders and are a cinch to put in and out.

  2. When I said "seat belt", I meant a booster seat using a seat belt. I think he's too impulise and would enjoy unbucking himself. Plus I a wiredo and want all my carseats to match. P and Wille B have the one I posted above.