Monday, May 11, 2009

Given a chance


So the daycare admitted that they over reacted on Friday, and my lil man was allowed to come back.. They were under staffed, and not sure how to deal with lil man since the director was out of town.  After a 30 minute meeting when have a plan in place to ensure this does not happen again.

Lil man has no clue what happened is is oblivious, living in his happy care free world.

I started the paper work for hand n hand 2 weeks ago. Hand in Hand  is the local special needs preschool, since school is getting out in two weeks I think they are dragging their feet.  At this point I think it would do more harm than good to put him into school for a few weeks.  He doesn't do well with transition

There is a another special education school in our area. Below is their mission statement.  I think they could serve lil man well.

Our mission is to support these counties by providing comprehensive special education services and therapeutic support for students with severe emotional and behavioral disorders and students with autism. Pathways also serves as a step-down, educational facility for children being discharged from residential hospitals.  Our program provides an individualized program that challenges our students behaviorally and academically and prepares them for re-entrance into mainstream education at their respective home schools.

Hopefully we will get something figured out, because he deserves nothing but the best.  We want to give him the best chance.


  1. The special ed school sounds like it could be's so hard to get that kind of support for our kids because they don't have obvious visible special needs...which doesn't make the needs any less important..they still require suppport. But in that kind of setting they probably have a better staff/student ratio and be better equipped to handle a behavorial meltdown. I would go for it!!!

    Can't offer any advice on the psych front as we are (still) waiting for an appointment with the nueropsych. I'm thinking it might be July.

  2. The new school sounds like they've got their heads in the right place. I'm glad the school admitted their mistake!!