Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good day

Our apt went well yesterday, they want to see Lil Man every two weeks.   I just wish their office was a little closer.  It's an hour drive each way.  Which means a whole lot of time off work!

The psychologist rubbed me the wrong way, she made me feel as if we were making him out to be a "bad boy", when we are simply trying to get him the help he needs.

She asked if we were a therapeutic home, to which I responded "yes".  Her response "oh that's strange."

I asked her "why do you think that's strange?"  She said "because you both work, one of you all should stay home with him"

I told her "Our agency does not require one parent to stay home, but I will gladly take her up on the offer if she is willing to pay my bills"

I told her that the last Dr recommended he either be in full-time preschool, or a daycare setting to help with his development. I assure her that I met several times with the daycare and went over all of the info with them.

Besides I think I would go nuts being with Lil Man 24 hours 7 days a week, 356 days a year.  You need a break at some point.

We were told to stop all current meds, and were given an RX for two new medications.  However one of the new ones takes time to build up so Lil Man will be flying un medicated for a few weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed that he can make the medication transition  without getting kicked out of daycare!


  1. My county also would not have licensed you as a therapeutic home or as a home for medical fragile children if you both worked outside the home. That is not the same thing as saying you should quit now. It is saying that your county has different standards than is typical.

  2. Our county requires one parent to stay home, however our agency does not. Medically fragile children who are not able to attend daycare, and allotted nursing assistance while the parents are at work.

    Since I am nanny lil man could come to work with me, but the state will not allow it, because it is a conflict of interest.