Monday, May 25, 2009

So many firsts.

Lil man has experienced so many firsts over the last few days. Talk about over stimulation..We left Thursday morning and drove about 7 hours to the mountains in Highlands, NC. Willie B and P drove up with us also.

Within 20 minutes of being on the road Lil Man had to pee.  Nothing like peeing on the side of the highway!

On the way up we stopped at subway for lunch, and got a million and one questions about "our three boys who are so close in age."

Lil Man was very unsure about his "mountain vacation", as he has never taken a vacation before.  I kept reassuring him "we are going to stay in our vacation house for a few days, and then we will come home to our XX house".  After the 159th time it finally sunk in.

Every few minutes a little voice from the back seat would say "where are the mountains?' " I don't see them."  "Drive faster", "are we there yet?"

After hours and hours of driving we could finally see the mountains in the distance. Lil Man's eyes lit up.  "We're going up the mountain", he shouted for at least an hour.

What an exhausting adventure..I hope I recover quickly..We're off to the beach in 2 weeks.

Check back later for more vacation adventures, as well as a few pictures.

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