Saturday, May 16, 2009


Each day, ten babies in the U.S. alone are born with a severe enough disabilities to warrant a diagnosis of FAS in infancy, necessitating specialized care and direct supervision throughout their entire lifetime.

As many as one hundred babies are born each day in the U.S. alone who, because of prenatal exposure to alcohol, sustain a considerable amount of damage to interfere with their ability to succeed in life, causing difficulties with school, behavior, social interactions, and eventually employment and independence. Many excellent resources are available for families and professionals dealing with FAS and FAE.

When a developing baby is exposed to alcohol in the womb, any and all areas of the developing brain are at risk of sustaining damage. Static Encephalopathy may involve the frontal lobe, which affects judgment and impulse control, and the corpus callosum, the membrane between the left brain and right brain which affects the ability to process information. There are many links on the internet with more information about FAS and FAE.

A woman can drink while pregnant causing PERMANT brain damage to her child.  The child is taken away, and no charges are pressed.

The Mother can go on to have other children, and cause PERMANT damage to her future children, yet NOTHING is done.

Don't worry honey have as many babies as you like. The state will pay for their care.  You can live footloose with no responsibilities.

If you shake your baby, and cause brain damage you will be put in jail for child abuse or attempted murder.

Isn't  drinking while pregnant a form of child abuse? 

I guess it doesn't matter because the damage was caused when the baby was "just a fetus" not a actual living person.

I'm not feeling so supportive of Lil mans birth family.  I think the state has it ass backwards. There were no repercussions for his birth Mothers actions.  So she went on to have another baby who is now facing the same hardships as my Lil Man.

She needs to be held accountable for her actions.

Something has got to change, the cycle has got to stop. 


  1. I asked our local county intake what they do when they find a mom who has drank while pregnant and delivers an affected baby. You know what they said? They "suggest" counseling. Hmph.

  2. I would really really really love to have birth control be one of the state requirements for bio moms that have had kids removed from their care. One of the children at the crisis nursery is the youngest of 10 that have all been taken away by the state. He's only still with her because the mother uses the crisis nursery and knows how to work the system now since she has so much previous experience.