Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Being a foster parent is by far one of the hardest "jobs" I have had in my entire life.  I feel so sorry for my little boy.  He has been non-stop kicking, yelling, screaming, biting, hitting, and crying since I picked him up from daycare at 5pm.

I am so tired, I dont even had the energy to pack my suitcase and we are leaving first thing in the morning.

I wish I could erase the passed

I wish he could just be happy.

He threw his dinner

Trashed his bedroom

Cried for his dinner after it was taken away

Put a band aid on because he was picking

Refused a bath

Cried for a bath when I put his Pjs on.

Yelled at me

Spit on me

Threw his toys

Took the band-aid off

Cried for another band aid

Laid in my arms, sobbing

Asked for his food (which was in the trash since he threw it on the floor)

Refused his medication

Finally got in the bath

Pooped in the bath

Back out of the bath

I scrubbed the tub, and toys

Ran ANOTHER bath

Got him back into the tub

Cried he wanted out of the bath

Cried louder when I took him out of the bath.

Laid in my arms crying

Refused to put on any Pj's

Didnt want a bedtime story

Cried when I put him into bed naked without a story.

Finally got his PJ's on.

Cleaned up his bedroom

Snuggled for a little while

Read him a story.

Gave him his meds

Kissed him good night

Tucked him into bed.

I Sat down

and he came running and screaming "I wanna watch tv"

Put him back into bed

I Sat on the floor to make sure he didnt get out.

Cried and cried and cried..I want another band-aid.

He settled down, and I left the room.

I think he's finally asleep.  I wont dare open the door to check.

Anyone got any vodka chocolate?

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