Monday, June 8, 2009



I just got a email form Lil Man's case worker, his Birth Mom wants to visit him.  She hasn't seen him  or call to inquire about him since February.  I am assuming she's wanting to show off her new baby, and scope us out since she just found out he's in a new placement.

Is paper work says no family contact, and his goals are non-reunification and TPR.

The last foster Mother told me she ignore him during visit's. So why does she want to visit?

I wonder..


  1. Probably just to check you out, like you said and probably try to cause trouble. Does she have custody of the new baby, I would have thought CPS would have taken that baby too.

  2. Yep she has full custody of the new baby. Common sense would tell them to take it away, but because she has done no harm to it she gets to keep it. But she is MR, and has uncontroled mental health problems.