Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Lil Men

Lil man continues to do well on his new regime of mediation, as well as a lot of direct supervision. Today I took all three boys to the flint aquarium. With the amount of stuff I packed one would have thought we were going out of town for the weekend.

Seeing their excitement is well worth the one hour drive. We got home arou nd 3pm, relaxed in front of the tube for a little while, played some cars, and puzzles. Around 5pm we headed for the outdoor pool/water park. After the pool we stopped by Wendy's, for some yummy processed food. As soon as we got home the boys hit the hay, I haven't hear a peep since.

Caring for 3 boys 4 and under wears me out. I don't know how you other Mommies do it. They listen very well, but they are always on the go. From sun up to sun down it is non-stop work!

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