Friday, June 19, 2009


All is going well in our house hold. Lil Man has turned into my baby. He crawls, around saying "mama mama, pick me up" in the cutest little baby voice. Acting like a baby is a safe thing for Lil man. He likes to be rocked, and held like a baby. Whatever my boy wants..he gets..SPOILED!

Tomrorow he is having a two hour long visit with is birth Mom (BM), I am not sure what to expect. As far as I am aware he does not know/consider her his Mommy. He referrs to her by her first name.

I am still a little puzzled as to why she is allowed to visit. She has not seen lil man in four months. Before the visit four months ago, it had been seven months. So in a year she has seen her child twice. His previous foster Mother told me that his BM doesnt even pay him attention at visits.

But atlast we have to play by the rules. The law states she still has rights.


  1. My kids all all their birth/first moms by their names. I thought rights were terminated?

  2. TPR was supposed to take place on May 22. An Aunt stepped up and is now asking for custody,so the TPR did not take place. She failed her home study, and the caseworker said she is not fit. Now Aunt is going for a phycologial to try and prove the CW wrong.