Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a waste

Respite was a big fat wast of time. When I picked Lil Man up he came running to me with a red kool-aid jammer in his hand shouting"mommy mommy, thanks for coming back to get me." I specifically asked the respite Mom to only give him 100% juice, milk or water. I told her we are trying to stay away from red food dye, and other junk foods. While these thing's might be okay for some they are not okay for my Lil Man. It gives him 10000% times more engery, and anger.

Respite Mom had his bags packed, and we headed out the door. He refused to get into the car, refused to sit in his carseat, refused to keep his shoes on. Screamed half the way home, refused to get out of the car, and continue his antics until he went to bed 30 mintues early.

I couldnt take it anymore.

So it looks like we're back at square one, all of our hard work was just flushed down the toilet. Good by sweet boy, welcome back my little ranging terror.

I am kicking myself for putting him in respite, I feared this would happen. Last week was a great week. We had no rages, a huge attention span, and sweet little boy to go along with it.

On Thursday and Friday he stayed in the classroom ALL day at daycare. He did not get sent to time out ONCE..NOT ONE TIME in two days.

So its back to boot camp one on one. We have to stay on top of his every move, we cant give him an inch because he will take a mile.

I hope he is just testing us, and things will get back to "normal", becuase I don't want things to go back to what they were like six weeks ago.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Sorry the respite provider didn't listen to your requests. We're already a junk free home so it would have been easy for us. Do you know any other respite providers in your area? Maybe you could meet with them first to see if they would be a good fit.

  2. Karen, we found something called Neurological Reorganization that helped our son adopted at 3.10 yrs and was almost 12 when we discovered it.
    Contact me at beemommy58@gmail if you want more info. It's exercises to retrain the brain after trauma or neglect.

  3. oh that is frustrating! I am not a fan of respite, especially for kids with attachment issues. I just can't leave my kids with someone I don't know. Will your state let you have your parents or a friend watch him?

  4. We are only allowed to use respite providers who are licensed with our agency. We live an hour from our agency. We are the only family licensed by our agency in our town.

    A-I am not a fan of repsite but our agency/state doesnt give you any other opotions. You can hire a babysitter who is 18 yrs old, had a background check and completed some training. However they are only allowed to care for the children in the foster care home. Both of my parents have passed, and hubby's dad (who is local) would not be intrested. I am looking to hire a babysitter.