Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There are hundreds of children around the world dying from starvation, or some other treatable disease.  A lot of these children are in orphanages waiting for their "forever family."

I've looked at a lot of their pictures, read their story, and have even feel in love with a few of them.  But there is no way we could afford $25K to adopt a child.

I just don't understand.  Doesn't the government see that these kids need a home..better yet they need food and proper medical care.  So why on Earth does it cost so much?

Thankfully in our area is it free to adopt a child from the foster care system.  Many times the child is still eligible for insurance, and a small per deim.

I will admit we have been asked if we are interested in adopting Lil Man, and I couldn't come up with an answer.  I don't think we have had enough time to bond with him.  To adjust to our new role as Mom, and Dad. I am not sure if I am willing to commit my entire life to Lil Man.  I do not think he will be able to live on his own as an adult.

However at the same time I cannot imagine our life without him. He consumes so much of our time, I am not sure we will know how to act if and when he "goes home."

I don't want to be another person who  walks out on him.  I don't want him to wake up crying for me at night, and I not be there to comfort him.  I don't want him to ask his "next mama", where I am.  I don't want her to have to tell him "I'm your Mommy now."

In such a short time he he has made a huge impact on our life.  I hope nothing but the best for our Lil Man, where ever he ends up in life.

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