Monday, June 8, 2009

Mr. poopy pants

On Friday Lil Man was not feeling well.  He was up a lot of the night with a barking  cough.. By Saturday he hadnt gotten any better so off the doctor's we went.  I am so glad our pediatrician is open on Saturdays!

Despite my best efforts Lil Man had to touch everything insight.  Germs don't scare him, so he didn't care when I told him "dont touch that your going to get germs"

We were in and out in record time with a diagnosis of croup, and 3 rounds of steroids.  The cough was almost gone by Sunday. 

This morning Lil Man woke me up at 6am with "Mommy, I have to poop.", who poops at 6am? 

Low and behold he has the runs..most likely he picked something up at the doctors office.  If only he had listened and kept his hands to himself.  We are on outfit number 5 of the day.   I tired to put a pull-up on him just in case but he thought it was cute to poop in it so that didn't work.

Just when I thought I was caught up on my laundry.


  1. We call them "poop germs" in my house and they will give you "poop worms". It actually works. And it is funny.

  2. LOL, Torina.

    Sorry you had to eal with that, I hope he is feeling better now.