Friday, March 27, 2009

Welcome too..


Motherhood!  I was up half the night with Little bit (my nickname for our youngest FK).  She was crying on and off of ear pain, and was running a slight fever. After a few hours of on and off crying, she finally went to sleep!

When she woke this morning she was in a much better mood, and told me that her ear was no longer hurting.  About an hour after being up she was exhausted, and wanted to sleep.  She was tugging at her ear.  Within 20 minutes her fever had shot up again.

I called our worker to inform her of what was going on, and to ask for her insurance information.  I called the urgent care, only to find out they do not accept Medicaid.  My only choice was to sit in the ER.

Four hours later she was diagnosed with a severe ear infection, and bronchitis.  They doped her up with medication, and flipped a switch from within.  She was bouncing off the walls!!

Poor thing has been on and off all day.  Hopefully she will be feeling better by tomorrow as we have a few surprises in store!

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