Sunday, March 15, 2009



Wayne and I have had our foster care license since December of 2008.  We have had a few phone calls which in the end did not pan out.  Our latest phone call for was a three month old baby boy, who was born with a heart condition which required him to be g-tube fed, and breath via  tracheotomy

Below a copy of a post I wrote reading the baby

So it looks like we wont baby, despite the fact that we are more than willing, and able to care for him.  He is from a county six hours away from us.  They are trying to place him closer to accommodate visits with his birth Mother.

So the baby will stay in the hospital where he has been since birth. Unless they find someone in their county or come to their sense, and place him with us.

So his monthly visit with his birth Mom is worth leaving him alone in a hospital without a family. I am all for reunification, with the birth family, but at what cost?

I should have known better, I shouldn't have gotten so excited.

How is it that everyone else I know has 2-3 placements, and I cant even get a little one?  I am not asking for much. I mean this baby has a g-tube, a tracheostomy, and a heart condition.

Maybe I am putting too many emotions into this whole foster care thing, but its upsetting when we get a call.  They give you all this information.  You paint a picture of this little person in your head.  You open up your home,  you get excited, you make a mental list of everything you need

All for nothing..

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