Sunday, March 29, 2009

The single life


After our weekend long respite I am rethinking this whole parenting thing.  Maybe we aren't cut out to be parents.  Maybe we've enjoyed the single life a little too much.  We both love children, and enjoy being around them. After all we are the most popular Aunt and Uncle in the family.  But at the end of the day we enjoy our quiet time, and our time together.

Going from no children to one child is a huge adjustment. Add in the fact that most foster children have been neglected or abused in some manner it makes things a little nuts!

On Saturday we took the girls shopping, they each picked out an outfit and Pj's, we went to dinner, and then to a fun house for a few hours.  It seemed whatever we did was not enough.  Can we get a ice cream, can I get my nails done, can we do this or that.

I understand that's probably how life has been for them..Get what you can when you can, because you don’t know where your next meal is coming from let alone your next outfit.  It just breaks my heart. 

They don't know how to interact, they don't know how to play they just know how to survive.  It's heart breaking.

When it was time to take them back to their foster home, both girls said that they didn't want to go.  They wanted to stay  here with us.  As soon as we met up with their foster Mother little bit shouted "can we go to their house again."

I think doing respite as our fist placement might have been a bad idea.  It is such a hard adjustment for only a short period of time.

Until next time..

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