Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heart Broken


We picked up our respite children a few hours ago.  They were full of questions.  What did our house look like.  Did we have a bathroom?  What kind of food did we have? What were our cats names? Do we have our own children.  Do we have a TV? 

The oldest girl plays the Mother roll doing things for her little sister that a Mother would do.  She has a hard time letting go and just being a child.

The little one loves our house, and is ready to move in!!  She was so excited about "her bedroom", and about the cats.

I cannot imagine being in their shoes.  They no nothing about myself of Wayne.  They are sleeping in strange house with strange people, and really have no clue about where they belong. 

I gave them each a stuff animal to sleep with, and hugged them both good night.  I reassured them that I was in the room next door should they need anything in the middle of the night.

I hope they feel safe, and know that no harm will come to them while they are in our care.

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  1. This is the hard part about being a FP. You will think about them children for ever. I still think about the children that come to me.