Friday, July 3, 2009

Ahh shit..

I guess I spoke too soon. My Lil Man has been off the wall the last two days. Let's see what happened today

-peed himself out of defiance
-spit on someone
-told a kid at chick fil a "I'm going to jack you up"
-told me to shut up
-ran away while outside with hubby
-had a 30 mintue screaming fit
-called me a bitch
-told me he was going to kill me

But on a good note he didnt cry or throw down when it was time to leave the pack.


  1. Oh Karen. I'm sorry it has been such a rough couple of days. Keep your chin up. I've said it before, you are doing a great work with this little guy--showing him what love really is. I admire you so much for that.

  2. So sorry you are dealing with this. I did have to laugh at what he told the kid. I can just see my nephew doing that.